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Welcome to the Precious Gift of Patience, lets dive into a spiritual journey together! Through this journey we will be filled with positive affirmations, scriptures, and daily prompts that nurtures faith, critical thinking, and self-reflection. Overall, these resources will foster a deep relationship with God, providing a strong foundation for spiritual growth.  

The Precious Gift of Patience (Author Interview)



My name is Ruth Caro Mack

My aim as an author is to impart the significance of patience to my readers by using biblical scriptures and realistic fiction. Additionally, I strive to help them develop positive qualities. Sometimes, we may question why we should be kind when we don't receive kindness in return. However, that's the beauty of it! Kindness involves assisting others without expecting anything in return because kindness itself is a reward. You might wonder, "How is that possible?" Well, it's through patience! Kindness is like a seed that you plant and, despite facing the harshest conditions, it will eventually bear fruits. These fruits manifest as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23).

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What do our Readers Say?

Carole G. Barton, WA

"The Precious Gift of Patience is a beautifully illustrated and well written book by Ruth Caro Mack. It is a bilingual book (Spanish/ English) that has a super sweet character, Willow. She shows kindness through words and actions. The children in her class really like Willow, not because of material wealth, but because of her abundance of kindness for all. But one day, Willow is very sad. What will happen? I won’t give spoilers, but this is a great book for classroom read aloud. I highly recommend The Precious Gift of Patience."

Donna Dente, CT

 "bought 4 books to give out as gifts. I am going to buy more!!! I absolutely love the story of what really matters in life -- Being kind to others and spreading God's light to those we meet. Thanks for writing a book that can be shared with children to remind them of what's truly important. I hope that this book can be added school libraries and read to their students. Thank you Ruth for your wonderful story!"

Edna Velasquez, NY

"This bilingual book is wonderfully written! The illustrations of this book are very appealing and I love the message that it delivers. It highlights the importance of how kindness, patience, and compassion are the greatest gifts of life! Everything has a purpose in our lives and this story helps children appreciate themselves and others around them by using and developing these loving qualities.
Highly recommend this book for children from ages 5-14 (grades K-8)."


My objective in writing is to aid readers in developing positive qualities and improving their emotional intelligence. This will be advantageous for them in both their personal and professional endeavors in the near future.